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In Misdirection, the first in a series of international crime novels narrated by British intelligence agent Lucas Norton, an intercepted e-mail leads to a high-tech game of cat and mouse as agents race to catch up with a well-funded, professional heist that's happening—somewhere.

Misdirection is a British spy tale with all the action of a James Bond story, except everything is far more realistic. Lucas is dealing with a promotion and marital problems, and the other characters are down-to-earth people with everyday problems as well. The story's criminal plot is so doable, it will leave you asking, did that really happen? And although the gadgetry may seem like science fiction, author Martin Link employs leading technologies that actually exist in the real world today.

But despite all that technology and brainpower, the world's most advanced spy agencies are playing catch-up, seemingly always one step behind the perpetrators.

When we first meet Lucas, he's riding his bicycle through a sleeting rain, heading to his office in the British Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) complex in Cheltenham, England. Before he even has a chance to grab a cup of coffee, his fellow intelligence analysts discover an e-mail containing the high-level keywords bomb, security, terror, and cash. In a matter of minutes, the e-mail is traced to a smartphone, which, three days earlier, had made a call emanating from central Rome to somewhere near Berkeley Square, London. Although a massive amount of interference renders most of the call unintelligible, the analysts are able to detect the words Dover, Lewes, Newcastle, and fifty-eight minutes, along with a good voice signature. They pick up a text from the same mobile in Rome to the London phone consisting of just a twenty-four-digit number, but then the phones go dead.

British security goes to threat level critical—something not seen since the 7/7 London bombings. And with just a series of mysterious keywords, a list of places, a long number, and a voice signature to go on, GCHQ, MI5, and the FBI set out on the trail of a well-organized criminal operation.

Having transferred to Thames House in London, the national headquarters of Britain's Military Intelligence, Section Five, Lucas is now part of a team led by a sharp, energetic young woman named Suzi. The MI5 team quickly determines that they have stumbled upon a high-target heist of some kind, then sets about searching for possible airplane landing strips in England—until it occurs to them that the place names could also be referring to streets in London. But then, the new support member sent over by the FBI sees another possibility…

The clever twists and turns in Misdirection will have you trying to solve the case before Lucas and the team of security experts can, following a daring plot to make off with $48 million—right under their noses.

Lucas may be stating the obvious, but in this case, they're words to live by: "If we rule out the impossible, then, however implausible, what is left must be possible."

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