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"Finally, Martin writes his first novel" 


 Martin Link earned a BA in technology from the Open University in support of his nineteen-year career with the Post Office. He studied analogue and digital electronics, as well as materials science. He has been involved in security matters at very high levels, including building security, cash centres, and large blue-chip companies. He has always been fascinated with the premise of something being "impenetrable".

Link brings this expertise in security to bear in his debut novel. Misdirection is the first in a series of international crime thrillers that follow MI5 agent Lucas Norton as he chases down high-tech criminals while dealing with life's everyday problems at home. Link sees his protagonist as a modern-day Bond, except that he is someone with whom the reader can identify as a regular person.

Despite the challenges of writing, it has become a passion for Link, and this is his little 'helper'